With everything going on in the world, all of us dream about the next place we can escape to. Some people fantasize about tropical paradises, some about adrenaline-packed outdoors vacations and others about culturally enriching experiences. With the world reopening, people can finally start to consider where they want to travel.

With so many options, it's hard to know where to travel first. Do you want to trek solo and immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of South America, or do you want a family-style vacation to a popular tourist destination? Take this quiz to find out which vacation best suits you and where you can spend all of your unused flight miles and vacation days.

Fun Facts

Travel and vacation has been a common practice since some of the oldest known civilizations. Romans were known to visit their summer villas, while those of the Middle Ages would make long pilgrimages. In later centuries, people would take advantage of fashionable tours around Europe and eventually use the rail system to explore and enrich themselves. Our modes of travel have changed, but people seem to be naturally inclined to explore.

Some of the most popular travel destinations in the world include Thailand, the United Kingdom and France. Hong Kong tops the list with an estimated 29,000,000 visitors in 2018. While some people like to vacation at the most popular spots, others choose stranger places to visit. Sixty million years ago, a volcano created tens of thousands of basalt polygon columns at The Giant's Causeway in Ireland, making it a geologically fascinating place to visit.

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