The United States is a federation of 50 different states, as represented by 50 stars on the nation’s flag. Some other territories, such as Puerto Rico, are considered to be a part of the country, but are not a state or located within a state.

America is a very large country by area, and different states can have some very different climates, and other factors. This includes the tropical islands of Hawaii, to the freezing landscapes of Alaska. The different states have also played their own role in the history of the country. This ranges from being a key staging point in past wars, to being financial and/or industrial powerhouses.

Within each state is a state capital. These are sometimes the largest city in the state, but not always. The state capitals serve as the legislative center of the state it is located in.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Albany New York began as a fort in 1614 and is the oldest continuous settlement in the U.S.

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