Can You Name These Flags? Each of the 195 countries in the world has its own unique flag. These flags have symbols and colors that are meaningful to the nation. The flag of the United States has 50 stars representing each of its states, and the cross on the Union Jack represents the patron saint of England. While many of the flags are simple, others are complex and feature art and coats of arms from their countries.

Beyond that, some countries' flags are very similar, such as the slightly differently colored Mexican and Italian flags or the reversed colors of the flags for Poland and Monaco. Some flags even take inspiration from others, including the Union Jack being present in Australia's and Fiji's flags! Take this quiz to find out just how many of the countries' flags you can recognize!

Fun Facts

Did you know that there are only three national flags that are different on the front and back? The flag for Moldova displays the country's coat of arms on the front, but not on the back. Paraguay's flag has the image of the treasury seal on its back, but not the front. Saudi Arabia's flag has a sword and an Arabic inscription on the front and usually requires two flags to be sewn together!

There is only one national flag that isn't a square or a rectangle. Nepal's flag is two triangles stacked vertically that represent the Himalayan Mountains. The triangles have also been said to represent the country's prevalent religions: Hinduism and Buddhism. Each triangle has a symbol on it — a sun and a moon — that symbolize the hope that Nepal will survive as long as those objects.

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