Can You Match These Countries to Their Official Languages? One of the most important things that separates humans from animals is the ability to communicate with language. Humans have developed thousands of languages all over the world. Some of those languages are relatively small and aren't used by many people, but others are used by millions and have been designated as official languages of countries across the world. Some have been recognized as regional languages, but they're not used widely enough to earn the status of a country's official language.

The world's 195 countries have a wide variety of official languages. Some of these languages are pretty expected, such as Polish as the official language of Poland. Several countries, however, have surprising official language choices. Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about the official languages of countries around the world!

Fun Facts

Did you know that there are some countries that recognize sign language as one of their official languages? These countries include Iceland; South Korea; New Zealand; Papua, New Guinea; Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Each of these countries has its own unique style of signing, and it's a fantastic way to represent those who use sign language as their primary mode of communication. While most countries don't recognize sign language as an official language, some do recognize it as a regional language.

There are actually a couple of countries that don't recognize official languages. Some of these nations include the United States of America, Mexico and Australia. Although they don't have official languages, there is often a language that is most widely used and known as the "de facto official language." The country with the most official languages is Zimbabwe with 16, including sign language, Xhosa, Sotho, Shona, Shangani, Chewa and English, among others.

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