Are you the ultimate Haikyuu!! fan? Test your knowledge of Haikyuu!! with our fun Haikyuu!! Trivia quiz. Haikyuu!! is a sports series centering on a boy named Shoyo Hinata as he attempts to become the best volleyball player ever. In junior high, Hinata developed a sudden interest in volleyball after seeing a legendary player excelling despite his short stature. Hinata manages to form a ragtag team to compete in a volleyball tournament, only for the infamous Tobio Kageyama to annihilate them. Swearing revenge, Hinata chooses to attend Karasuno High School, the same team where his hero once played. However, he soon discovers that Kageyama is also attending the school! The unlikely duo must learn to overcome their differences if they want to reach their dreams.

What began as a simple manga about boys playing volleyball has grown far beyond its humble beginnings. Haikyuu!! started as a manga written and illustrated by Haruichi Fudurate. Its immense popularity allowed it to continue for eight years, reaching over 400 published chapters. This led to an anime adaptation that spanned four seasons, covering most of the manga’s plotlines. There are also original video animations (OVAs), several spin-offs and even a series of stage plays!

Fun Facts

Haikyuu!! originally had a very different story. Kageyama was the main protagonist, rather than Hinata. Much of the pilot focused on Kageyama attempting to convince Hinata to join his volleyball team because of Hinata’s unique jumping abilities. The actual series portrays Hinata as incredibly athletic and quick. However, the pilot describes him as clumsy, with his jumping abilities being the only exception. The duo also became friends much faster in the pilot than in the main series.

As with most Japanese media, the names of the characters in Haikyuu!! are often meaningful. For example, Hinata’s full name contains the characters for “flying sun” and “place in the sun,” which reflect his flight-like jumping ability and sunny disposition. Kageyama’s more stoic personality appears in his name: “flying hero” and “shadow mountain.” One of the most interesting names is Tsukishima, meaning “firefly” and “moon island.” The author intended for the moon to contrast Hinata’s sun. The firefly aspect represents that Tsukishima can also shine on his own.

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