Are you the ultimate Hunter x Hunter fan? Play our Hunter x Hunter trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the Hunter x Hunter universe! Hunter x Hunter is a manga that has been running since March 1998 and has amassed a huge following. The manga tells the story of Gon, an aspiring Hunter searching for his father; Killua, a boy who has been trained as an assassin since birth; Leorio, a man working as a Hunter to put himself through medical school; and Kurapika, a man on the hunt for vengeance for the massacre of his clan.

Since its release, Hunter x Hunter has been the basis for two anime series. The first, which was released in 1999, ran for 62 episodes. The second, which is the basis for this quiz, premiered 148 episodes between 2011 and 2014. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the Hunter x Hunter universe!

Fun Facts

Did you know that five of the most prominent characters in the series have birthdays that fall on the same month and day? Gon was born on May 5th (or 5/5), Killua was born on July 7th (7/7), Leorio was born on March 3rd (3/3), Kurapika was born on April 4th (4/4) and Hisoka was born on June 6th (6/6). This fact makes many fans consider Hisoka to be the fifth protagonist of the show.

There are a lot of patterns within the Zoldyck family. For instance, all of the children (Killua, Illumi, Milluki, Alluka and Kalluto) have similarities in their names. Each name consists of the letters "llu." Members of the family that have white hair are shown to be Transmuters, while black-haired members are Manipulators. Those with white hair are also implied to have more potential than the others.

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