The Ultimate Halloween Quiz! Halloween has a long and rich history, originating in Europe approximately 2,000 years ago. Today, many countries worldwide celebrate Halloween, with some countries having different names for the holiday, such as The Day of the Dead. This holiday is fun for both children and adults alike. After all, who doesn’t love costumes, candy, spooky stories and fun decorations?

Today, Halloween is the second most commercialized holiday in the U.S., only beaten by Christmas. People celebrate this holiday by relaxing inside and watching scary movies, dressing up and going to costume parties and decorating their houses and scaring the little trick-or-treaters in their neighborhood.

If you think you’re a Halloween enthusiast, test out your knowledge with this Halloween trivia quiz. We bet you’ll learn some exciting new facts about your favorite holiday!

Fun Facts

Did you know that Halloween celebrations came into jeopardy [during World War II as nationwide sugar rations made candy expensive]( and hard to find? When sugar rationing came to an end in 1947, several candy companies became determined to make trick-or-treating and Halloween a mainstream activity again. Cartoons, such as Peanuts and Donald Duck, also got on board and started featuring trick-or-treating stories from 1951 onwards, which helped boost the enthusiasm for Halloween again.

It can’t be denied that a large part of Halloween is the candy. Sure, candy corn may not have won the hearts of everyone, but generally speaking, everyone consumes some candy around Halloween. In fact, Americans buy enough candy each Halloween to fill the Titanic six times!

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