How Well Do You Know Your U.S. Presidents? As of 2021, the United States of America has had 46 presidents, ranging from George Washington in 1789 to Joe Biden in 2021. Some of these presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, are widely known for their accomplishments while others, including Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, are infamous for the circumstances in which they left the office. Some presidents were so well respected by the American people that they were elected into a second term unanimously.

Regardless of how they're remembered, every president has something that makes them unique, whether it's about their personal life or their accomplishments while in office. Some presidents are even known for their height, like Abraham Lincoln, who was the tallest president at 6 feet, 4 inches. Take this quiz to find out just how much trivia you know about the past presidents of the United States of America!

Fun Facts

Did you know that until 1804, the vice president of the United States of America was the person who received the second-most votes in the election? This led to the president and vice president being from different political parties in 1796. John Adams was a federalist and Thomas Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican. The 12th Amendment of the Constitution made it so a separate election was held for the vice president.

The country's eighth president, Martin Van Buren, is often credited with creating the phrase OK. Since Van Buren originated from Kinderhook, New York, Old Kinderhook clubs were formed in support of the presidential candidate. The clubs were also known as O.K. clubs, and the phrase eventually came to mean all right. Another president, Theodore Roosevelt, is credited with naming the White House, which had previously been known as the President's Palace or the President's House.

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