Think you know all about Thanksgiving? Well grab a turkey leg & try out our Thanksgiving Trivia! When it comes to picking a favorite holiday, some people say Christmas, and others say Halloween. But deep down, who can't love Thanksgiving. It's a day filled with food, family and football, and it kicks off a four-day weekend for many. But, how much do you really know about the holiday? Take this test to see if you're the top turkey or just rotten giblets.

Thanksgiving is a unique holiday because elements of religion, sports, food and family are all wrapped up in it. Another reason so many look forward to Thanksgiving is because it ushers in the winter holiday season that consists of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

Fun Facts

Although everyone today associates turkey with the Thanksgiving meal, there's no proof that turkeys were eaten at the first Thanksgiving. The journal of the colony's governor notes that four men were sent out on a fowling mission ahead of the feast, but there's no description of what type of fowl they were hunting for. They may have been in search of turkeys, but it also could have been ducks, geese or swans.

It's believed that corn was served at the first Thanksgiving meal, but probably not how you think. Instead of being served on the cob with plenty of butter, the kernels likely were ground into cornmeal, boiled and then pounded into a porridge-like substance. If the Pilgrims were lucky, a little molasses was poured on top to help sweeten it.

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