The X-Men is the name given to a subset of the Marvel comic books and related media that deal with a collection of characters whose powers generally derive from their mutations. This quiz is all about determining Which X-Men Character you are! The main story revolves around a rivalry between Professor Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, who runs a school for mutant children, and his nemesis Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto. What brings these two men to blows time and again are their views on how society should treat mutants.

Some mutants have exceptional healing powers, while others can manipulate the weather, teleport or even change their form to appear like anyone in the world. How these powers manifest often has much to do with how the mutant thinks of them. Storm, for instance, was worshipped as a goddess in her native Africa thanks to her powers of weather control, while Rogue's ability to drain power from other people keeps her isolated and afraid of hurting others.

Fun Facts

The first issue of the X-Men comic book was published in 1963, the result of collaboration between Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Having just worked on the Fantastic Four and several Avengers, Lee admits he got a bit lazy when it came to explaining how the X-Men got their powers. They were mutants, so they were just born with them. However, this core plot element would define the X-Men and their stories of fear versus acceptance even until today.

The first X-Men movie was simply called "X-Men" and came out in July 2000. Wolverine was the first character to get his own film, which was released in 2009. A few characters from the X-Men universe appear in Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool films, especially Colossus and a talented teen named Negasonic. Avid fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have noted how the franchise appears ready to slowly start introducing mutants and X-Men plotlines, so we might see a lot more in the future!

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