Jupiter's Legacy started out as a series of graphic novels by author, Mark Millar, and artist, Frank Quitely. But the question remains, Which Jupiter's Legacy Character Are You? Take our Jupiter's Legacy Quiz to find out! The story follows the world's first superheroes who received their powers in the 1930's. They're passing the torch to their children, the next generation who live in a much different world than that of a century ago. Trying to reconcile the new era with the rather old-fashioned values of the Union of Justice causes no small amount of tension between the elder guard and their super-powered children.

Gone are the days when comic lovers had to hide their superhero hobby or be called a nerd. All kinds of comics are getting the live-action treatment these days. Jupiter's Legacy is the latest incarnation of superhero television, and the series premiered on Netflix in May of 2021. Take this fun quiz to find out which quirky Jupiter's Legacy character you're most like!

Fun Facts

Jupiter's Legacy was originally going to be made into a three-film series, but at director James Gunn's urging, author Mark Millar held off and waited for a television series deal instead. Another big name, Stan Lee, also coached Millar about his comic work. When Millar was working for Marvel, Stan Lee recommended that he break away from the company to be free to create his own characters, write for himself and keep ownership of his work. Millar has said in several interviews that when Stan Lee gives you comic advice, you take it!

According to Millar, Lee was very forthcoming about his financial struggles regarding rights to his early work. Stan said that things are so much better for comic artists now since they can own the rights to their work, and even license toys and other merchandise. Lee said that he would have killed for those opportunities to control his own work back in the old days. Since Netflix bought Millar's company, Millarworld, for a cool $40 million in 2017, it seems like breaking away from Marvel was a darn good call!

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