The Boys is a satirical take on the superhero genre. In a world where superheroes present themselves as god-like celebrities, in reality they are corrupted and self-serving. Try our The Boys Superhero quiz to find out which The Boys Superhero you would be! Based on the comic book series, the show subverts and parodies traditional superhero stereotypes, leaving audiences with the impression that you really shouldn’t meet your heroes.

Superheroes, like those of The Seven, are hunted by the non-superpower vigilante group The Boys that views superheroes as immoral, unethical and dangerous. But each character of the show, whether they belong to The Boys or The Seven, are complex. Few characters are truly just heroes or villains. Which character are you most like? Find out with this quiz.

Fun Facts

Many of the characters of The Boys are direct parodies of popular comic book superheroes and villains. Queen Maeve, for example, is an obvious parody of Wonder Woman. While Wonder Woman is idealistic and virtuous, Queen Maeve is disillusioned and jaded.

The Boys is a notably violent and brutal show. The show opens with Hughie’s girlfriend being killed in an exceptionally gruesome manner, and the show reportedly used about 4,500 gallons of fake blood during filming. Even so, the show’s violence is toned down from the original comic books.

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