Which Miraculous Ladybug Character Are You? Miraculous Ladybug is a French superhero television series that released its first American episode in December 2015. The show focuses primarily on two teenage superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir, who live in Paris. They're joined by many friends, including the passionate Alya and easygoing Luka. Numerous Kwami and several villains also join the cast.

Kwami are divine, spirit-like beings that inhabit certain objects and represent certain concepts. Each Kwami was brought into existence when the idea they represent was invented. For example, Plagg was brought into existence when the concept of destruction first occurred. Have you ever wondered which Miraculous Ladybug character you'd be? Would you be a Kwami, superhero or villain? Take this fun quiz to find out!

Fun Facts

Miraculous Ladybug was an almost instant success in the United States. Within just 10 weeks of first airing, the show landed itself on the top-10 chart for animated series. This list includes animated series for all time slots and networks. Miraculous Ladybug also found its way onto the top-10 list for children's television programs in a similar time frame.

Every season of Miraculous Ladybug has 26 episodes. But did you know that every episode takes a whole year to make? For this reason, many episodes are worked on at same time. Otherwise, the numerous fans of the show would have to wait a really long time before finding out what happens next.

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