Think you know BTS? Take our Superfans Only BTS Quiz & test your knowledge! From Big Hit Music’s humble dance practice rooms to sparkling worldwide stardom, it’s everyone's favorite Korean pop group BTS! Debuting in 2013 and consistently growing in success, BTS has become a phenomenon. This septet has repeatedly shown that they have rightfully earned their claim to fame through hard work, devotion, blood, sweat, and tears (wink wink, nudge nudge). They are recognizable by their music's unique sounds, intense and captivating choreographies, looks, and distinct, lovable personalities.

How well do you know the fine points of BTS’s illustrious music career? How well-versed in Rap Monster, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, and V are you? Do you consider yourself an ARMY? Test your knowledge of the history and trivia of K-pop’s most famous artists. No matter if you’ve been BTS-obsessed since the beginning or these charming young men have just recently piqued your interest, take this quiz and refresh your knowledge or learn something new!

Fun Facts

BTS has a reputation for a musical style that infuses multiple genres into their K-pop hits. However, BTS originally counted more rappers in their line-up with hip-hop roots than most pop groups. It's fair to say they're not really K-pop at all but hip-hop. This is especially apparent if you look back to their early albums, such as Dark & Wild or Skool Luv Affair.

Each member of BTS has an interesting stage name, but RM is the only one who uses an acronym. All BTS fans know RM as the leader of the group, but many people don't know what the acronym stands for. As it happens, the meaning of his name is a call back to the early days of the band. RM is short for Rap Monster, no doubt a name with the kind of personality you expect from him.

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