Its Space Jam: A New Legacy Quiz time! Space Jam: A New Legacy is a follow up to the classic 1996 hit movie Space Jam. It is not a straight sequel, though, as it does not continue the story of the first movie in any way, and is meant to stand entirely on its own, with an entirely new cast of Space Jam characters. There are a number of references to the original film, however, scattered throughout the movie, often hidden somewhere in the background.

If you are a fan of the movie, you may have fantasized about being in the same loony situation LeBron James finds himself in: getting sucked into the virtual world and interacting with the characters from some of history’s greatest movies and television shows. You may also have wondered which Space Jam: A New Legacy character are you. Well, just take this entertaining and informative little quiz we’ve made for you and you’ll find the answer.

Fun Facts

The creators of this movie went through a lot of different ideas before settling on this one. Originally, it was going to be a straight sequel to the original, with Michael Jordan and the Tunes playing basketball against a new alien villain named The Berserk-O. When they were unable to convince Michael Jordan to come back for the sequel, they decided to hire Jackie Chan and title it Spy Jam. When Chan passed on the project, they tried Football Jam, Skate Jam, Race Jam, and even Golf Jam, but eventually decided to bring it back to the basketball concept with a new basketball player.

The title of this movie is something of an artifact left over from the original Space Jam. Unlike the original movie, this one doesn’t take place in outer space, and there are no aliens involved in the plot. Instead, all of the action takes place in a virtual world inside the Warner Brother’s servers. It therefore does at least take place in “virtual space,” and there are some scenes set in a virtual space ship.

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