Let's find out who your Harry Potter Soulmate is in our brand new Harry Potter Soulmate Quiz! It’s without question that the Harry Potter film franchise and novel series are some of the most popular of all time. Harry Potter delivers a classic story of the hero’s journey and a tale of good vs evil. The wizarding world is rich with magic, fantastic beasts and a complex magical culture.

Throughout the film and novels, the characters of Harry Potter develop and grow. They encounter successes and failures in terms of magic, friendship and romantic pursuits. Which of these characters is your soulmate? Take this quiz to find out.

Fun Facts

The novels and films of Harry Potter are largely inspired by Scotland, but you can visit many of the locations in real life. Although Hogwarts Castle is supposed to be in Scotland, the real location is Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England. You can even visit Platform 9¾ in King’s Cross, England, although as a muggle, you won’t be able to enter the platform. If you’d like to visit the real _Harry Potter_ train, you can check out the Jacobite Train in Scotland.

With all the magical items of the wizarding world, the props and costumes departments had a significant task when making Harry Potter. The broomsticks, for example, were specially designed from titanium so the actors could sit on them for action shots. Much of the food seen in the Hogwarts feasts was also real, and the clothing was extremely high-quality since filming lasted so long.

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