Let's face it, we all love superheroes. And when talking about the planet's mightiest heroes, the Marvel Universe comes to mind. Try our new Marvel Soulmate quiz and find out who your Marvel Soulmate is! From a wise-cracking raccoon to a golden-haired god, there are many characters to fall in love with. Some, however, have a greater impact on us than others. Maybe it's the way they fight for justice, or the way they can joke their way through a major battle could be contributing factors.

But who is your true Marvel soulmate? Perhaps you're into someone who can enchant your heart. Maybe you prefer someone who is more brawn than brains. Some people fall madly in love with a person who dotes all over them. And never underestimate the importance of being with someone who can make you laugh. Take this quiz to see which superhero can overpower your heart and pummel their way into your soul.

Fun Facts

The soulmate concept can be found in various songs, movies, poetry, literature and other works of art. It's the idea that there's someone in the world you're intrinsically connected to. Some believe that true love from a previous existence will reincarnate in future lives. Although the concept appears in cultures across the world, the word itself is believed to have been first used in 1822 by writer Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

There are plenty of examples of soulmates in the Marvel Universe. The deep bond between Scarlet Witch and The Vision was explored in the television series "Wandavision." The original Ant-Man and The Wasp alter-egos were Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. Not only were they the founders of the Avengers, but they were also married. Storm and Black Panther first met as children. They fell in love when they grew up and were briefly married.

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